Monday, 5 August 2019

Destiny Nwachukwu – The Last Days

Destiny Nwachukwu is an evangelist and gospel singer who endeavors to teach Christ’s gospel, his second coming, and the Kingdom’s winning of souls. He drops his debut single titled “The Last Days,” a powerful evangelical song that is strategic.

In His Words

“when u see the way the world is going now u know that the last day is here am sure u re familiar with the story of a prominent pastor raping his church member, many atrocities go on in God house and the bible said that judgment will start in Gods house,you see nations fighting nations, this day you see gospel artists turning and switching to sing worldly music because gospel doesn’t sell like worldly music,they want fame so that they be respected,lovers of God have waxed cold and being carried away by worldly things. So this music is an evangelism song that will put you in check, and as a reminder that the last day is coming, and that you should be cautious, conscious and be prepared for Christ coming.”



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