Sunday, 1 December 2019

Temiblaze Coming For The Music Throne

He had the audience spellbound, opening up for one of the Top acts in Dallas, Texas. Everyone was like where has this guy been, his delivery dance and melody had everyone talking then he declared “I go by the name Temiblaze”. Temiblaze is a fast-rising music star based in Dallas, Texas. Born as Jackson Temi Akhigbe but now popularly known by his music moniker ‘Temi Blaze, he grew up in the ancient city of Ibadan in Oyo state. That was where his foundations in music was laid. According to him, “Growing up as a kid I was driven by Beats sounds instrumental and music initially started break dancing to the likes of Michael Jackson not until a child hood friend of mine introduced me to rap before I finally making my way to song writing composing and recording songs”. That was his lurch into music discovering an innate talent to entertain and create melodies around beats.
Some of Temiblaze’s earliest music influences include Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Michael Jackson, Sean Paul, Fela and of course the African Michael Jackson – D’banj. All these superstars inspired Temi in one way or the other and he takes a lot of time studying their music work. A young Temi fell in love with Fela monster hit track ‘Zombie’, which he says was his first favorite song in life and that’s not even surprise as many Afrobeats acts of this generation where d=directly influenced by the iconoclastic Fela Kuti. He describes his kind of music as universal and versatile and his discography includes ‘Dreaming’ (2018), Die 4 U (2018), Pele (2019) and Ata (2019). If there is one African artist Temiblaze would like to work with then it’s none other than the Black Diamond – Wande Coal.

On the International scene, he harbors hope of one day working with the Superstar Drake. Temiblaze strongly believes African music is on an unstoppable upwards curve. In his words ‘African music is massive and global; it is already the next big thing. His favorite food is a plate of Pounded Yam and Egusi and you can get Temiblaze to do anything literally after this meal. The most surprising thing fans would find out about Temiblaze is that he is not a gentleman at all, he is all wild and fun. Asked to describe himself in three words, he responds “Wild, Fun & Dope”.  Watch out for this fantastically talented artist who has his eyes set on dominating the music industry with good music in the next few years. Temiblaze is coming with the hits, watch out and get ready!



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