Thursday, 23 January 2020


Lagos based upcoming rapper; Timi Frost, kicks off the new year with the new single “Off Deez”. In the track we hear the rapper stay true to his stage name by delivering icily focused flow, which mirrored a blend of Pop Smoke and Mick Jenkins but still stays true to his own sound. The producer being; Timi Frost himself also does impressive work on the beat as it maintains a slow paced and intent rhythm, with all instrumentals on-beat. In the song he laments over unsolicited women repeatedly making passes at him and how he wishes they’d just find other ways of satisfying themselves rather than bothering him. It’s a bit different from his first two singles (Bando, Space) which saw him giving off higher energy as it would seem Frost wished to display his versatility and skill in music making.

You can connect with him on Instagram and Twitter @iTimifrost

Please listen and enjoy.



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